Why Shattered Media?

We Guarantee It'll Be Great

When it comes to grammar, punctuation, accuracy and delivery, best practices are standard. Luckily, we know our stuff, and we're confident you'll appreciate our talents and dedication to getting things right.

We're so confident, in fact, that we offer a Three-Point Guarantee™. We promise every aspect of your project will be:

  • Delivered on time, every time,
  • Reviewed using our triple-check quality control process, and
  • Only complete when you approve its accuracy.

If we break this promise with any piece of content, that part of your project is FREE

The number one


At Shattered Media, a promise is a promise, and we take each one seriously. We promise to meet every deadline we set with you, including:

  • In-person and phone appointments,
  • First draft turn-around for your review, and
  • Delivering your final product.
The number two


We strongly believe, when it comes to quality control, the more sets of eyes, the better. That's why no less than three Shattered editors and project managers will review your project for:

  • Grammar and punctuation,
  • Adherence to AP Style, and
  • Accuracy according to your input and project vision.
The number 3


Above all else, you need to be happy with your content. Your project won't be complete until you assure us:

  • The facts are right,
  • Any quotes are verbatim, and
  • Your message is accurate.
We understand project scopes shift from time to time, and occasionally you may be too busy to send us feedback as expected. When that happens, we'll work with you to adjust Three-Point Guarantee™ deadlines as necessary.
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