We Know You're Wondering ...

What's "Strategic Storytelling" Anyway?

You might think of your business as a "thing." However, it's the people behind your product or service who bring your company to life. Together, these folks create the stories that make your business what it is. Neuroscience proves well-crafted stories produce oxytocin (a "feel-good" chemical) in the reader's brain. We're literally programmed to love stories and empathize with their characters.

Shattered Media's strategic storytellers help you tell your company's narratives in a way that engages your audience. Don't think your business has any stories to tell? What about:

  • How you overcame obstacles to turn your passion into a thriving business?
  • The customer whose life was improved by your company's products or services?
  • Your employee who went the extra mile to make sure a client was pleased?

It doesn't matter if you're in a service or retail business, if you've been in operation for one year or 100, or if you're a two-person team or have a staff of 200. We'll help you uncover and tell the stories that your community and customers will love to hear.

Some of Shattered's Strategic Stories

Wilson Lumber Team

Wilson Lumber

"Do Things Right; Do The Right Thing" is the story of the life lessons Robb, Russ and Mark Wilson learned from the two previous generations of their family business. 

University Pickers owners

University Pickers

"University Pickers: Finding Their (Re)Purpose" relates the story of how two sisters used family traditions to transform a booth into a business. 

Warfighter and AEgis employee Scott Heise

AEgis Technologies

"AEgis Technologies: From Kuwait With Love" is the story of how a war veteran's job with AEgis helps him support other warfighters.

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