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Shattered Media's strategic storytelling services were born from the stories we curated for our two online publications, Community Journal and Shattered magazine.  Both publications moved Shattered Media along our path to realizing our vision and accomplishing our mission.

Shattered magazine shares authentic, vulnerable stories of people finding hope, healing, help and purpose through Christ in the midst of their brokenness.

Community Journal is a hyper-local platform focused on sharing the good news in North Alabama. The Journal features non-profits, Good Samaritans, companies stepping up to help neighborhoods, and others doing amazing things. This is a great place for for-profit companies to strategically advertise (without actually advertising) by telling good-news stories of your employees helping their neighbors and your company sponsoring the work of local organizations. It can also be a place to bless non-profits through Community Journal Sponsorships: financing stories written by our team in order to help non-profits get the word out about their mission.

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The Community Journal is a consolidated communication platform dedicated to sharing community stories that break down barriers to knowing each other and supporting each other.

Our agenda is to share the GOOD NEWS of North Alabama communities with the hope they will breed more good news.

We are tired of all the negative stories making the news. Focusing on bad breeds bad. Focusing on good will produce more good.

Let’s do that.



Shattered magazine helps to shatter the barriers to hope, help and purpose by harnessing the power of great stories from all over the world.

Humans are social creatures. We thrive on the connections we make to one another, the communities we form. Stories help us do that.

Stories are powerful. And everyone has a story worth telling. And if your story is one of hope, help and purpose, Shattered magazine wants to share it.