Your Story Isn't Like Anyone Else's

Your Writing Shouldn't Be, Either

At Shattered Media, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to storytelling. We believe each story is unique and should be presented perfectly. Whether it's a press release about your company's latest accomplishment, a tribute book celebrating your grandparents' golden anniversary, or an informative email to your customers, our writers and editors will make sure your message is clear and effective.

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Strategic Storytelling                        

Every organization has a story — lots of them, actually. Sharing your stories in the right way can helps others get to know and grow to love you, your business, and your incredible team. 

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Fractional Director of Communications

When you need corporate-level guidance without the executive expense, consider a Fractional Director of Communications for hands-on strategic communications support.


Copywriting & Copyediting Subscriptions 

If your company doesn't need a full-time communicator on staff, but you want consistently well-written, high quality content worthy of your brand, this is for you.



The best ghostwriters use your voice, your style, and your sentiments to write content that sounds just like you wrote it — but even better. Where are the best ghostwriters? Shattered, of course!


Press Releases & At-Need Copywriting

Need a quick press release, internal announcement or another, "one-off" writing assignment? Let Shattered Media's dedicated professional writers handle it for you.


Corporate History & Anniversary Books

Coming up on a 1st, 5th, or 150th company anniversary? Celebrate your history and milestones with a beautiful keepsake book for your employees and customers.

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Community Journal Non-Profit Sponsorships

Want to promote the good work of a person or community organization? Sponsor a story or a series in Community Journal and share some good news!

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Legacy Letters

Your values, beliefs, life lessons, and hopes for the future are as important to your loved ones as anything else you leave behind. Let us help you write your one-in-a-million, once-in-a-lifetime legacy letter.


Legacy Books & Personal Histories

Capture the special memories or honor the incredible life of a loved one or an admired member of your community with a gorgeous, personal legacy or history book.