Rachael Jackson

Storytelling Isn't Just What We Do

Storytelling Is Our Heart

Rachael Jackson founded Shattered, a storytelling company, in 2012. Since then Rachael’s vision has morphed and the Shattered Media team has grown. But stories remain at Shattered’s heart.

As a West Point graduate, former Army captain, and Apache helicopter pilot, Rachael has been around many people and many stories.

She's committed to connecting people to deeper purpose and closer relationships through the power of story. She believes that is the way any individual or organization will make a significant impact in this world.

No matter what pain or difficulty has been a part of your journey, we want you to know you can share your story for a greater purpose.

What Really Matters to Shattered

It's Not What You Think

We believe storytelling is a powerful tool to break down barriers and connect people in deeper relationships.

When we partner with you, we become your ally and your advocate. Your mission becomes our mission. Your success is our success.

In the end, the reason why you do what you do and the relationships you build are what will make you successful. Everything we do is to that end — communicating your why and building the relationships that matter.