Beliefs, Not Belongings. Values, Not Valuables.

Leave Your Loved Ones a Legacy For Living

One of the most precious assets you can leave your loved ones when you've passed on isn't money or property. It's your legacy. 

A legacy letter, or ethical will, is an ancient custom with roots in both the Christian and Hebrew faiths. Usually written as part of end-of-life planning, a legacy letter captures your personal beliefs, values, life lessons, and hopes or dreams for your loved ones. Written to either your family at large or to individual loved ones, legacy letters provide an opportunity to share sentiments you might not have been able to pass along personally, and offer a priceless document for those you're leaving behind. 

Legacy letters can include anything you'd like to say, and often include:

  • Family stories or life lessons (e.g. "I wish I had known..." or "I remember my Grandma always told me..."),
  • Values or personal beliefs (e.g. "My faith was important to me because..." or "I believe honesty is always best because..."),
  • Regrets or apologies (e.g. "I wish I had finished my degree..." or "I could have been more attentive..."),
  • Love and gratitude (e.g. "I want you to know how much you mean to me..." or "Remember when you said...")
  • Hopes for the future (e.g. "I hope you pursue your dream of ..." or "I want my grandchildren to...")

These letters can be difficult to write; you may know what you want to say, but struggle to find the words to say it. Shattered storytellers are excellent listeners, gentle interviewers, and incredible writers. We'll take the time to help you craft a beautiful letter that captures your sentiments in your voice.

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