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Put Shattered's Expertise to Work For Your Business

More and more companies are turning to "fractional" employees to supplement their workforce in specific areas. In a fractional relationship, a seasoned expert serves a company on a limited basis in a role the company needs, but isn't in a position to fill full-time. The fractional partner devotes their particular expertise to improving and driving your company forward without the costs associated with hiring a corporate-level team member.

With Shattered Media's fractional partnership, one or more of our qualified team members will serve your company in a Director of Communications role for 10 to 15 hours a week, leveraging the talents of our entire organization for additional support for as long as necessary. 

Your Shattered Media Fractional Director of Communications can provide:

  • Evaluation of communication and marketing needs,
  • Short-term and long-term strategic internal and external communication plans,
  • Communications training for existing employees,
  • Hands-on communication and marketing tasks, and/or
  • Recommendations for tools to automate or facilitate communications.
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