You Can Make a Big Difference

Sponsor Stories About Amazing Folks in Our Area

The Community Journal is a consolidated communication platform dedicated to breaking down barriers. We do that by sharing stories from Tennessee Valley communities — but not just any stories. Our agenda is to share only good news. We hope — we truly believe — that sharing good news will have a kind of snowball effect, and in turn, breed even more good news. 

You or your company can help Shattered Media share the good news from the Tennessee Valley by sponsoring a series of stories about people or organizations who are doing wonderful things in our area. Our team will work with your selected subject to produce powerful stories spotlighting selfless work and great causes, and we'll attribute the article to your company's sponsorship.

It's a win-win-win for you, your designated person or organization, and the folks they help.

Help a Beloved Non-Profit Communicate Their Mission Learn How Your Company Can Sponsor a Community Journal Story